Zone of the Dead (2009)

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Titolo originale: Zone of the Dead–>
Genere: Azione, Horror–>
Durata: –>
Nazione: Serbia, Italy, Spain–>

  • Milan Konjevic
  • Milan Todorovic

Scritto da:

  • Vukota Brajovic (storia)
  • Milan Konjevic (sceneggiatura)
  • Milan Todorovic (storia)


  • Vukota Brajovic (regista)
  • Loris Curci (regista)
  • Joan Cutrina (produttore associato)
  • Feti Dautovic (consulting regista)
  • Ken Foree (produttore associato)
  • Marko Jocic (produttore tecnico)
  • Slobodan Jocic (produttore esecutivo)
  • Zeljko Mitrovic (regista)
  • Maurizio Santarelli (produttore esecutivo)
  • Antoni Solé (produttore esecutivo)
  • Milan Todorovic (regista)
  • Lorenzo Von Lorch (produttore esecutivo)


  • Stefano Caprioli

Trama del film:

A police-escorted prisoner transport supervised by Interpol sets off to Belgrade. The route leads the transport through Pancevo, where they encounter an ecological disaster and infected people who are trying to kill them. Interpol agents Mortimer Reyes and Mina Milius soon realize that their only chance for escape from the zombie hordes lies in allying with the dangerous, mysterious prisoner. Written by tokivud



1 Comment


    dabby1 said

    February 23 2012 @ 02:32

    I'm not sure if this even counts as a review, but I'm a hardcore zombie
    flick fan. If its been made and it has zombies in it, chances are I own
    it. So I've come across my fair share of low budget movies and cheesy
    acting in my time, but absolutely nothing compares to this film.

    Straight up, I couldn't sit through the whole film. The acting is so
    wooden, and the dialogue is so forced, that watching it seems like
    you're indulging children putting on a once-rehearsed play. Apparently
    it was translated from Serbian by a brain-damaged hamster. The average
    guy on the street could give a better performance than almost every
    single member of the cast, with a few "yeah okay" exceptions.

    If you're a fan of zombie movies, don't rent or buy this piece of crap.
    It scores nil on all draws. I give it ten severed thumbs down.

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