Welcome to Collinwood (2002)

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Titolo originale: Welcome to Collinwood–>
Genere: Commedia, Poliziesco–>
Durata: 86–>
Nazione: USA, Germany–>

  • Anthony Russo
  • Joe Russo

Scritto da:

  • Anthony Russo (sceneggiatura)
  • Joe Russo (sceneggiatura)


  • George Clooney (produttore esecutivo)
  • George Clooney (regista)
  • Ben Cosgrove (produttore esecutivo)
  • James Henney (produttore associato)
  • Hendrik Hey (produttore esecutivo)
  • Casey La Scala (produttore esecutivo)
  • Hunt Lowry (produttore esecutivo)
  • Scott Shiffman (co-produttore)
  • Steven Soderbergh (regista)


  • Mark Mothersbaugh

Trama del film:

When petty thief Cosimo is given the plan for the perfect heist from a lifer in prison – the kind of job you dream about – he has to get out of jail, fast. But with Cosimo stuck in the joint, it's up to his girl Rosalind to track down a patsy. But while no one wants to do the time for Cosimo's crime, everybody seems to know a guy who will – and for a share, they're willing to track him down. Before long, Rosalind has five guys trailing behind her, looking to get their bungling hands on a piece of the action. Written by Anonymous



1 Comment


    Harlan Thrimplestock said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:31

    It’s shameful that egotistic, pretentious film geeks need to rip apart
    remakes claiming that they can’t possibly live up to the foreign originals
    upon which they are based. Foreign movies never translate and those that
    believe they are fantastic are likely only convincing themselves that is
    true. That said, I had no idea "Collinwood" was a remake and, regardless,
    thought it was surprisingly funny, well acted (the cast was phenomenal led
    by Sam Rockwell’s perfectly funny lead) and just a good watch. Was is
    handed film noir? No. Should it have won an award? No. Was is an
    enjoyable hour and change. Absolutely. Clooney, as always, was great in
    limited, albeit offbeat role. Macy was fantastic. Michael Jeter was a
    de force as the old dude with the dirty shorts. And Luis Guzman was
    absolutely hysterical. It’s a good watch regardless of what the pompous
    elite film police think. Check it out.

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