They Nest (2000)

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Titolo originale: They Nest–>
Genere: Fantascienza, Horror–>
Durata: 92–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Ellory Elkayem

Scritto da:

  • John Claflin
  • Daniel Zelman


  • John Claflin (co-produttore)
  • Eric d'Arbeloff (produttore esecutivo)
  • Teresa Garber (produttore associato)
  • Frank Hildebrand (regista)
  • Donald Kushner (produttore esecutivo)
  • Peter Locke (produttore esecutivo)
  • Daniel Zelman (co-produttore)


  • Vinny Golia

Trama del film:

Dr. Ben Cahill, a fine city doctor, gets so stressed by marital problems and alcohol that he freezes up under pressure in the emergency room. To get his act back together, he decides to unwind a few months in the house he and his ex bought on Orr island, an insignificant (former) fishermen place off the coast of Maine. He almost immediately becomes the butt of spite from a gang of local nobodies. After the doctor started examining, at the request of the reasonable sheriff Hobbs who leans to his side, some animal and human corpses with strange internal as well as external injuries, one of the brutes, not so handy handyman Jack Wald, has a fatal nocturnal accident crashing into Dr. Cahill's car. The doc observes one of the red cockroaches which recently infest the island has pincers, most unusual, reads up and contacts the university entomology department, where this African species isn't too well-known either. Jack's even dumber brother Eamon Wald uses violence which ends up causing the sheriff's death, so the doc has no other help then the enterprising local store clerk Nell Bartle, who takes a liking to the only educated men around, to continue investigating fighting off Eamon's gang and as they find out how bad the danger is, try to evacuate… Written by KGF Vissers

After freezing up under pressure in the emergency room, Dr. Cahill decides to spend a few months unwinding on a little Maine island where he immediately gets off on the wrong foot with the locals. Meanwhile, a body has washed up on shore infested with a strange type of carnivorous cockroach. But when Dr. Cahill tries to warn the townsfolk of the danger, they are naturally skeptical. Will they realize the truth before it's too late? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    tedg ([email protected]) said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:26

    Supergenres are genres that are so mature that the story is so
    predictable that it becomes a wrapper for a story within, or a
    situation within that is the implicit focus. The enclosing supergenre
    here is a bug horror movie. Its formulaic as it should be. Ho hum.

    The situation within is a town populated dually with simple good folk,
    all extreme stereotypes denoted in the briefest of shorthands: the warm
    old woman who here is also the schoolmarm, in charge of the island's
    kids. The dumb old man who is borderline senile. The tough but honest
    town cop who by himself keeps the rest of the town in line. And that
    whole rest of the island? Well, they are 30 year old high school male
    dropouts, unemployed drunks with no sense whatever.

    Normally these guys would be associated with some Southern setting,
    Confederate flags and perhaps some indication of sexual deviance or
    inbreeding. But here they are in the rural north, a relocation that
    underscores the importance of the stereotype apart from place. It makes
    the fact that they are drunken dopes significant.

    In the midst of this is our woman, the whole point of this inner story.
    I'm interested in this because of all the actresses they could have
    chosen, the thousands upon thousands who could handle this slight part,
    they chose a specific type. They chose her because of how she looks —
    there can be no other reason. She's a redhead. She's a redhead of a
    specific type.

    I'm interested in narrative structure, patterns, templates and bits of
    the visual grammar we use to covey complex notions by reference. Women
    in film are the most complex when it comes to this but within women and
    film, redheads are the simplest case. So I have a serious study of
    redheads underway, and what they mean if terms of shorthand, and how
    that shorthand references folding.

    I think there are only a few slots for redheaded women. There's the
    freckled, sometimes almost pigtailed, puffylipped womanchild. There's
    the sexually powerful, tempestuous woman, sometimes self-destructive.
    She seems to be modeled on a sort or aristocratic face: significant
    forehead and eyes — and represented by women who know how to act with
    their upper face instead of the lower.

    And there's a sort of in between, the girl-next-door type who
    represents possibilities, who carries latent qualities of these
    extremes and others, but who is happy in the theatrical representation
    of simply being a representation.

    So, our character here is played by Kristen Dalton. Her qualities as an
    actress are that she has a pronounced chin and a magnificent,
    aristocratic bearing. She's learned to move with that chin — actually
    her mouth — as the center of gravity. She isn't a great actress but she
    does act with her eyes. In other words, she understands a redhead's
    place in film, and knows how to exploit it. Why do I focus on this one
    redheaded actress? Because Scorsese saw her (in this, I think) and cast
    her as Nicholson's girlfriend in his own movie about movies and acting,
    curiously titled unless you know his intent.

    So we will see a lot of Kristen, and we will see her BE red and tell us

    The key elements of the story here have her as essentially the only
    woman in a town of dopey rednecks. All are single of course. She holds
    her own, being the soul of the school, the chief merchant (you
    literally can't buy anything unless you find her), and the color at the
    docks, running a forklift.

    There's a big city doctor in the story but he's there only to notice
    her and draw her into the story. She circulates among the dopes. That's
    the story: her among the dopes.

    Ted's Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.

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