The Pledge (2001)

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Titolo originale: The Pledge–>
Genere: Drammatico, Poliziesco, Mystery–>
Durata: 124–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Sean Penn

Scritto da:

  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt (libro)
  • Jerzy Kromolowski (sceneggiatura)
  • Mary Olson-Kromolowski (sceneggiatura)


  • Brian W. Cook (produttore associato – nel ruolo di Brian Cook)
  • Michael Fitzgerald (regista)
  • Sean Penn (regista)
  • Elie Samaha (regista)
  • Andrew Stevens (produttore esecutivo)
  • Don Carmody (produttore esecutivo (accreditato)


  • Klaus Badelt
  • Hans Zimmer

Trama del film:

The night he retires as a Nevada sheriff, Jerry Black pledges to the mother of a murdered girl that he will find the killer. Jerry doesn't believe the police arrested the right man; he discovers this is the third incident in the area in the recent past with victims young, blond, pretty, and small for their age. So he buys an old gas station in the mountains near the crimes in order to search for a tall man who drives a black station wagon, gives toy porcupines as gifts, and calls himself the wizard: clues from a drawing by the dead girl. Jerry's solitary life gives way to friendship with a woman and her small, blond daughter. Has Jerry neglected something that may prove fatal? Written by <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    Michael_L_Stewart said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:42

    Reviewers failed to recognize implausible psychology of the cop. The
    inspector in the novel, according to the review in "Sight and Sound,"
    wanted to catch the big fish and showed little feeling for the child he
    as bait. Such a character is too repellent to make a movie about, so the
    movie version "humanizes" the character by making him become attached to
    mother and child, and indicates that he is concerned that the monster will
    kill another child. This concern would place him in a moral dilemma:
    should he use the child as bait in order to prevent the monster from
    more children? The movie does not deal with this: it presents him as
    to a compulsion or something of the sort, which is not interesting. Inner
    conflict is not shown and his behavior is not explained. His evidence
    have to be very strong to compel him to use the little girl as bait, and
    other cops would never have joined his crazy scheme, for at least three
    reasons: first, they didn’t accept his suspicions; secondly, no one with
    children would consider putting a child at risk; and thirdly, if the trap
    had resulted in harm to the little girl, they would all have had to move
    another planet. The mom showed up and said, "How could you do this?,"
    is what the other cops would have said. Some reviews saw the cop’s journey
    as a "descent into madness", which is about as good as you can do with it,
    guess, but it just makes the cop crazy instead of evil. The movie does
    illuminate or deal with the psychological or moral issues, which is to say
    the makers were in over their heads.

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