The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000)

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Titolo originale: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea–>
Genere: Animazione, Family, Fantasy–>
Durata: 75–>
Nazione: USA, Canada, Australia–>

  • Jim Kammerud
  • Brian Smith

Scritto da:

  • Elizabeth Anderson (sceneggiatura)
  • Temple Mathews (sceneggiatura)
  • Elise D'Haene (additional sceneggiatura material)
  • Eddie Guzelian (additional sceneggiatura material)


  • Leslie Hough (regista)
  • David Lovegren (regista – nel ruolo di David K. Lovegren)


  • Danny Troob

Trama del film:

Morgana, sister of Ursula, almost steals the baby Melody from her parents, Ariel and Eric. To protect Melody, she's told never to enter the ocean, but by her 12th birthday, she's been swimming there for years. She discovers the magic locket that was to be her christening gift, which makes her visible to Morgana. Morgana tempts her by offering her fondest wish, to turn her into a mermaid; however, to remain a mermaid, she'll have to steal the magic trident from King Triton (who, unknown to her, is her grandfather). Meanwhile, all the sea creatures are searching for her. Along the way, she joins up with comic relief sidekicks Tip (a penguin) and Dash (a walrus). When she returns with the trident, Morgana's evil nature is revealed, and there is a massive battle of good and evil. Written by Jon Reeves <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    whatever_123 said

    February 27 2012 @ 18:45

    I loved the first Little Mermaid. I know the songs, I love the
    characters and I love the story. I can't say anything like that about
    The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. It was terrible. Let's start
    with the story. The plot was a reversed copy of the first movie. Same
    situations, except in reverse! Ariel wanted to live on land, her
    daughter Melody (creative name) wants to live in the sea. Ariel was
    tricked by Ursula, Melody is tricked by Ursula's sister, Morgana.
    Ursula had a sister?? Not sure where that came from. Besides being a
    strange copy of the first movie, this movies plot seemed tired and was
    uninteresting compared to the first movie. Now the characters: 1.
    Ariel- What happened to her??!! No longer the spunky, headstrong
    teenager we all knew and loved from the first movie, she has now "grown
    up" and her personality went down the drain. Her singing voice wasn't
    as strong either, due to either Jodi Benson being a lot older, or the
    songs being so terrible that her talent was wasted. 2. Prince Eric-
    While he didn't have a lot of personality in the first movie, like all
    Disney princes, somehow his new voice and his very few lines made him
    even more robotic. To top it off, he just can't seem to defend himself,
    and Ariel becomes the tough one of the two. 3. Sebastian- Say goodbye
    to the lovable crustacean from the first movie, because a whiny,
    aggravating little crab just took his place. He also had no good songs
    in this movie. You can almost forget the glory he earned from singing
    the incredible "Under the Sea" and "Kiss the Girl" from the first
    movie, and it is very sad. 4. Flounder- They destroyed him!! He is not
    cute anymore, his voice is terrible, and he has kids now?? Who's the
    mother??? 5. Morgana- She appears to be Ursula's sister out for revenge
    against her mother, who always picked Ursula over her. So she plans to
    get King Triton's trident to become the new ruler of the sea. Sound
    familiar? Anyway, she's a very cliché villain and falls short of
    Ursula's greatness as a villain. She epically fails at witchcraft,
    she's not very tough, and not threatening at all. 6.Melody- Ariel and
    Eric's daughter. Ironic name because she, unlike Ariel, can't sing. Her
    voice is annoying, her friends (a walrus and a penguin?? Really?!) are
    not funny or likable, and she's exactly the same as Ariel, in reverse
    and not as likable. Skip this one. Don't watch any Disney sequel except
    for Lion King 2. This movie butchered the classic that lives in all our
    pleasant memories. I will look back at this movie and just laugh.

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