The L Word (2004)

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Titolo originale: The L Word–>
Genere: Drammatico, Romantico–>
Durata: 50–>
Nazione: Canada, USA–>

  • Rose Troche
  • Angela Robinson
  • Ilene Chaiken
  • Lynne Stopkewich
  • Tricia Brock
  • John Stockwell
  • Tony Goldwyn
  • Bronwen Hughes
  • Daniel Minahan
  • Clément Virgo
  • Moisés Kaufman
  • Jamie Babbit

Scritto da:–>
Trama del film:

'The L Word' follows the lives and loves of a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles. The main character, Jenny, is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, who moves to Los Angeles to live with her boyfriend Tim and begin a professional writing career. Jenny's life is turned upside down when she attends a party hosted by Tim's next-door neighbors, Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple who are about to take the step into parenthood after being together for seven years. A brief encounter at the party with Marina, the owner of the local coffeehouse, suddenly has Jenny thrust into a whole new world that makes her question her own sexual orientation. Other friends of Bette and Tina include Dana, a professional tennis player who is shy but eager to meet the right woman; Alice, a magazine writer who has a brief relationship with a self-identified "lesbian" man; and Shane, a hairstylist who can't stick to just one woman, and Kit, Bette's half sister who struggles with alcoholism. Written by Anonymous



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    feuer_frei said

    February 24 2012 @ 11:27

    The L Word is one of the most original shows I’ve ever seen. It’s the
    only real lesbian show ever made. It’s breaks down stereotypes, and
    shows you that not all lesbians are butch. It deals with real issues
    that lesbians have, but at the same time maintains its humor (some of
    the one liners are hilarious). It’s not trying to be perfect or overly
    explicit (although the sex scenes are nowhere near self-conscious). The
    women on the show are all gorgeous and very talented. The acting is the
    most solid part of the show. Some of the characters show so much
    emotion with so little dialogue (like my personal favorite, Marina,
    played by Karina Lomabrd). The show has no limitations. Pretty much
    every boundary was crossed by the end of the first episode, and that’s
    a good thing. This is by far my favorite show, and if you haven’t seen
    it you really should. Gay or straight, you’ll love it.

    My only complaint is that Karina isn’t coming back for season 2.
    Hopefully she’ll be back for future seasons.

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