The Forsyte Saga (2002)

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Titolo originale: The Forsyte Saga–>
Genere: Drammatico, Romantico–>
Durata: 423–>
Nazione: UK–>

  • Christopher Menaul
  • David Moore

Scritto da:–>
Trama del film:

In Victorian England, Soames Forsyte, a man from a wealthy and arrogant family, meets a falls in love with Irene Herron, a poor woman. After taking her step-mother's advice, Irene marries Soames. After four years of marriage, Irene is not happy because she does not love him. Soames tries to win her affections by giving her the things he believes every woman wants, dresses and jewels. He can not give her the one thing her heart desires, freedom. Out of desperation, he asks his cousin June's fiancé, Phil Bosinny, to build him a house in the country. Irene sees the house as a prison. During the construction of the house, Phil and Irene fall in love and have an affair. The affair causes a scandal in the family. Years later, Irene comes in contact with Soames's uncle Jolyon who leaves her money after he dies out of friendship. Jolyon's son, Young Jolyon, is her trustee. Soames falls for a young French girl, Annette, whom he wants to marry. He goes in search for Irene for a divorce but has no current evidence for the divorce. Instead, he decides to try to win her back so he can have an heir. She runs from him and finds friendship and protection in Young Jolyon. Soames decides on a divorce after he finds Irene and Young Jolyon together and Irene tells him she and Young Jolyon are in love. Irene and Jolyon marry and have a son, while Soames marries Annette and has a daughter. Is this family scandal over? Is Irene finally free from Soames? Written by Anonymous



1 Comment


    chaz_burgess said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:15

    Golsworthy himself would be proud if he saw this reproduction of his
    work. The Forsyte Saga admittedly has a lot to live up to considering
    the popularity of its predessessor, the 60’s series. The cast is truly
    outstanding to say the least, with Rupert Graves and Gina McKee truly
    engaging the audience with the plight of their characters and Ioan
    Gruffudd convincingly portraying a work-a-holic architect whos visions
    captivate his employers. What will shock most of all is how quickly you
    learn to care for the characters. I found myself worrying for Irene at
    every negative turn, but still I pitied the twisted Soames Forsyte
    despite his evil coldness. The soundtrack will stick with you, be
    warned. You will love this if you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, Sense
    and Sensibility, Tom Jones or Moll Flanders. You wont like this if you
    cant stand waiting for the next installment, as it does come in long
    episodes and two series.

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