The Believer (2001)

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Titolo originale: The Believer–>
Genere: Drammatico–>
Durata: 102–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Henry Bean

Scritto da:

  • Henry Bean (sceneggiatura)
  • Henry Bean (storia)
  • Mark Jacobson (storia)


  • Daniel Diamond (produttore esecutivo)
  • Kimberly N. Fajen (produttore tecnico – nel ruolo di Kimberly Fajen)
  • Jay Firestone (produttore esecutivo)
  • Adam Haight (produttore esecutivo)
  • Susan Hoffman (regista)
  • Christopher Roberts (regista)
  • Eric Sandys (produttore esecutivo)


  • Joel Diamond

Trama del film:

"The Believer" explores a Jewish student's private journey to understand the meaning of Judaism in his life. Set in New York City, the Plot follows a morally confused young adult struggling with the conflict between his beliefs and his heritage. "The Believer" examines themes of religion, family, and self-loathing. It is a psychological examination into the forces of intolerance, both on the individual and society as a whole. Written by Joe Bloggs



1 Comment


    dromasca said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:39

    I am amazed how little this impact this film has made. It looks like
    its distribution around 2001/9/11 events and the fact that some
    American Jewish circles feared that it can be mis-interpreted led to a
    limited distribution. However, the directing of Henry Bean, the acting
    of Ryan Gosling, and the strong treatment of a difficult subject should
    have led to more respect than this movie received.

    'The Believer' is the story of a young Jewish boy in today's America.
    Raised in a religious environment he is asking questions that are not
    unusual for a young Jewish person two or three generations after the
    Holocaut. Where was God during the Holocaust, and why did the Jewish
    people did so little to resist their oppressors? He is obviously giving
    the wrong answers, and not only loses his faith, but falls into the
    trap of self-hate, becoming a neo-Nazi and a Jew-hater, a self-hater in
    other words.

    There are many things that can be said and discussed around this theme.
    The character may seem paradoxical, but it is not impossible. The fact
    that the story is loosely inspired by a true character is not that
    relevant, what is important is that we can believe the motivations of
    the character and understand his evolution. Certainly a film to watch
    and think about.

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