Te wu mi cheng (2001)

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Titolo originale: Te wu mi cheng–>
Genere: Azione, Commedia, Thriller–>
Durata: 108–>
Nazione: Hong Kong–>

  • Teddy Chan

Scritto da:

  • Rod Dean (English adaptation)
  • Ivy Ho


  • David Chan (produttore esecutivo)
  • Jackie Chan (regista)
  • Raymond Chow (regista)
  • Stephen Chu (produttore esecutivo)
  • Neung-yeon Joh (produttore tecnico)
  • Candy Leung (produttore tecnico)


  • Peter Kam
  • Pui Tat Kam

Trama del film:

This action movie unfolds with the story of Bei, a salesman at a workout equipment store, who harbors dreams of adventures. It all starts when on one normal dull day, Bei follows his instincts to trail two suspicious looking men into an alley. When he realizes that these men are robbing a jewelry store, he jumps into action to foil their plans. Soon after Bei meets Liu, a private investigator who convinces Bei that he may be the long-lost son of a rich Korean businessman. In no time, Bei is on his way to fulfill his dreams of adventure and fortune travelling to Korea and even exotic Turkey. As Bei is drawn deeper into the game of cat and mouse, he realizes he has become the key to locating a lung cancer virus. With an assortment of characters fighting him along the way, will Bei succeed in finding the virus himself? Written by Anonymous

Internationally-acclaimed star Jackie Chan is Bei, a less-than-successful exercise equipment salesman who yearns for excitement in his life. One day, Bei follows his instincts and trails two-suspicious-looking men into action and foils their plans. The resulting publicity from Bei's heroism brings him to the attention of a private investigator who informs him that he is actually the long-lost son of a wealthy businessman. Hoping to reunite with his true family, Bei travels to Korea where his father lies dying. Bei finds, to his astonishment, that both his parents lived the life he has longed for himself: they were both professional spies. Drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse where no one can be trusted, Bei travels to Turkey, where soon it's up to him to track down a new, highly addictive narcotic before it ends up in the hands of evil drug lords. Written by Anita



1 Comment


    edwardxforever said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:26

    Chinese actor Jackie Chan proved to be the best actor,and stunt-man in
    Accidental Spy "in its English dubbed version. There had been a
    of action,thrill,and comedy in this film where Jackie portrays a man who
    discovers that his father was an agent and he finds himself involved with
    Chinese drug Mafia. Also,Jackie never hesitates to add more suspense,and
    humor in "The Accidental Spy",including the Turkish bath scene,and the
    burning truck which makes him a star with unique qualities superior to
    other actors. Finally,this film with its wonderful cast,and director Teddy
    Chan deserves 10 stars.

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