Superbad (2007)

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Titolo originale: Superbad–>
Genere: Commedia–>
Durata: 113–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Greg Mottola

Scritto da:

  • Seth Rogen
  • Evan Goldberg


  • Judd Apatow (regista)
  • Evan Goldberg (produttore esecutivo)
  • Shauna Robertson (regista)
  • Seth Rogen (produttore esecutivo)
  • Dara Weintraub (co-produttore)


  • Lyle Workman

Trama del film:

Seth and Evan are best friends, inseparable, navigating the last weeks of high school. Usually shunned by the popular kids, Seth and Evan luck into an invitation to a party, and spend a long day, with the help of their nerdy friend Fogell, trying to score enough alcohol to lubricate the party and inebriate two girls, Jules and Becca, so they can kick-start their sex lives and go off to college with a summer full of experience and new skills. Their quest is complicated by Fogell's falling in with two inept cops who both slow and assist the plan. If they do get the liquor to the party, what then? Is sex the only rite of passage at hand? Written by <[email protected]>

Seth, Evan and Fogell are three teenage guys who love to drink and desperately wish to get laid. When a girl that Seth really likes, asks him to get the drink for her party, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to make her his girlfriend. The trio plan out how to get the alcohol, even including Fogell's new fake ID, but things won't got smoothly for the trio. Seth and Evan become separated from Fogell (now called McLovin) and they still haven't got the alcohol for the party that night. Written by FilmFanUK



1 Comment


    nrbucco-1 said

    February 23 2012 @ 02:11

    I have been lucky enough to see two advanced screenings of Superbad in
    Burbank. It is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.
    When I read the summary, I was a bit skeptical. The "high school
    comedy" is not exactly my cup of tea. My love for Michael Cera's
    performance in Arrested Development drove me to the theater and man was
    I glad I went. This is not your typical high school comedy. The writing
    is much smarter and funnier and the acting is superb. This movie so far
    transcends American Pie and its ilk that it cannot really even be
    compared. Go see this movie!!! I have a feeling it is going to go off
    the charts once the buzz gets around about how hilarious it is.

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