Signs & Wonders (2000)

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Titolo originale: Signs & Wonders–>
Genere: Drammatico–>
Durata: 105–>
Nazione: France–>

  • Jonathan Nossiter

Scritto da:

  • James Lasdun (sceneggiatura)
  • James Lasdun (storia)
  • Jonathan Nossiter


  • Jed Alpert (produttore esecutivo)
  • Yvon Crenn (produttore tecnico)
  • Marin Karmitz (regista)
  • Derrick Tseng (produttore tecnico)
  • Nick Wechsler (produttore esecutivo)


  • Adrian Utley

Trama del film:

Alec Fenton, an American by adoption and his wife, Marjorie, an American of Greek origin, live with their two children in Athens. Both Alec's business life and his tender relationships with his daughter are guided by a playful but deeply felt need to interpret the smallest details of the world as significant. Under the influence of powerful signs and premonitions, Alec allows himself to veer in and out of a love affair with a colleague, Katherine, eventually leaving his family and returning to America with his lover. Once there, however, the same belief system urges him back home for one final attempt to win back his family. But his new quest is endangered by the presence of a political activist, Andreas, in his family's life. Andreas becomes the victim of a series of incidents, each one more threatening than the last. Written by Strand Releasing <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    George Parker said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:20

    "Signs & Wonders" is a minimally interesting psychodrama about a man
    (Skarsgard) involved in an affair who tries to reclaim his family as
    slowly get out of hand. There is little meat on the bones of this flick
    which plods along to the strains of peculiar background music in a feeble
    attempt to create suspense in the absence of a real story. Barely worth

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