Sala samobójców (2011)

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Titolo originale: Sala samobójców–>
Genere: Drammatico–>
Durata: –>
Nazione: Poland–>

  • Jan Komasa

Scritto da:

  • Jan Komasa


  • Michal Jacaszek

Trama del film:

Dominik is an ordinary boy. He's got loads of friends, the hottest girl in school, rich parents and money to spend on brand-name clothes. But one innocent kiss with a mate changes everything. He begins to isolate himself from the outside world, spending all his time on his computer. He meets an anonymous girl who introduces him to the "suicide room", a place from which there is no escape. Caught in a trap woven of his own emotions, Dominik becomes entangled in a web of intrigue and gradually loses what he cherishes most. Written by ITI Cinema



1 Comment


    yuusukepl said

    February 25 2012 @ 17:49

    When I heard about what this movie will be about I was already sure,
    that I'll watch it no matter what. But in fact, I was afraid that
    Polish directors will release another crappy movie with no meaning. But
    I was nicely surprised. Storyline is very interesting, actors are
    great, characters are deep and realistic. It was certainly worth to see
    this, it changed my point of view on some things. Also it was something
    new to combine classical acting with computer simulations. If I could
    loose memories from the day I watched this movie just to watch it
    again, I'd do it, because it's a really worthy piece of art. Best movie
    I've seen in months.

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