Road Trip: Beer Pong (2009)

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Titolo originale: Road Trip: Beer Pong–>
Genere: Commedia–>
Durata: 95–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Steve Rash

Scritto da:

  • Brad Riddell
  • Todd Phillips (motion picture "Road Trip")
  • Scot Armstrong (motion picture "Road Trip")


  • George Engel (produttore tecnico)
  • Suzie Peterson (regista)


  • Transcenders

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1 Comment


    John Smith said

    February 24 2012 @ 14:22

    I saw the original 'Road Trip' several years ago and i thought it was
    good, well-made comedy that captured most of the "on-the-road" comedy
    spirit as it was quite enjoyable and entertaining. So of course i
    decided to watch this sequel (only by the name and nothing else) called
    'Road Trip: Beer Pong'. Unlike the first 'Road Trip', this one was
    published directly-to-video, which is kind of surprising i guess,
    because i always thought these kind of teen-comedy flicks, especially
    the ones with the "legacy" of their predecessors (e.g. 'American Pie',
    'Road Trip') will make some hype in certain circles of viewers (and of
    course by that i mean teenagers) and make a fair amount of profit in
    American or maybe even world-wide Box-Offices. But they decided to
    publish it directly-to-video for a reason that is unknown to me but it
    doesn't really matter anyway.

    Movie itself is pretty much what i expected it would be. Teen comedy
    with plenty of corny and cheesy stuff, plenty of hot chicks and one
    questionably appropriate for "hot" role (later on about that). Male
    cast is pretty much always the same in these kind of movies, i'm not
    talking about the names of the actors, because in this movie they
    aren't familiar or famous, but their personality and the character
    concept is almost identical as in the other teen comedy flicks that
    have the same spirit as 'Road Trip: Beer Pong'. You have a pretty,
    innocent, guy-next-door type of guy that is of course lead character,
    his friend that has his mind set on only one thing, yeah you're
    guessing it's sex, and that is always in for trouble, fun stuff and of
    course ROAD TRIPS! There's a guy that always gets high, kind of hippie
    tribute, he is just a support to these two and in a movie just to fill
    some holes in scenes and to make a movie more likable to "cool, casual
    and totally relaxed" dudes and chicks that are all about the "attitude"
    and not the looks. And at last there is a foreign guy that has funny
    accent and maybe the funniest scenes in the whole movie. That's our
    crew of four studs that are traveling across several states in order to
    make it to beer pong championship. And that's another thing that kind
    of bugged me, they added this funny "sport" to the movie and didn't
    even get the rules straight. Can they touch that ball as it's flying to
    the cup or what? Breaking of time-outs without warning and stuff like
    that. I know this is just minor stuff in this movie, and it's not
    necessary to bug yourself with it, but the movie's title contains "beer
    pong" in it so it must be pretty big part of the movie, although it
    basically wasn't, there are only couple of scenes with that, that are
    as i mentioned earlier pretty uncool and confusing.

    As i mentioned earlier on, there is one girl in this movie that has
    been given the role of like "hottest", the most desirable one,
    something like that Russian chick in the original 'American Pie', and i
    don't really think the actress Julia-Levy Boeken was appropriate for
    that role of Jenna, the French girl that has a modeling career etc. But
    that's not the reason i'm giving this movie 6/10 and calling it
    "average". It doesn't have anything new, i didn't expect that in first
    place that's true, but it isn't as entertaining as the first 'Road
    Trip' or any of the 'American Pie' movies, it's a level below that in
    the two main departments for a teen comedy (humor and entertainment).
    Girls are also a little bit below the girls in those better teen-comedy
    flicks. Plus the whole stuff with the beer pong rules and outcome of
    the movie, the very end that's quite silly and too simple also take
    this movie to the "land of average teen comedies" where so many have
    gone before it.

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