Planet Earth (2006)

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Titolo originale: Planet Earth–>
Genere: Documentario–>
Durata: 44–>
Nazione: UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, USA–>

  • Alastair Fothergill

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Trama del film:(non disponibile)–>


1 Comment


    ultimorn said

    February 23 2012 @ 02:24

    I have seen many nature documentaries in my life and none have left me
    in such amazement of our planet as this series. The sheer work that
    went into its making alone is impressive. The shots that are captured
    on film are like none ever seen and remind us of both the power of
    mother nature and her fragility. I highly recommend this series to
    people of all ages as there is something for everyone. If you do watch
    any of the episodes, do watch "Pole to Pole". It is a great
    all-encompassing view of many animals and their habitats. David
    Attenborough does a great job as narrator. If you enjoy this series
    also check out "The Blue Planet", a series by the BBC on oceans (also
    narrated by Attenborough).

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