Outsourced (2006)

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Titolo originale: Outsourced–>
Genere: Commedia, Drammatico, Romantico–>
Durata: 103–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • John Jeffcoat

Scritto da:

  • George Wing
  • John Jeffcoat


  • Gwen Bialic (co-produttore)
  • Srila Chatterjee (produttore tecnico)
  • Tom Gorai (regista)
  • Bill Hoare (produttore tecnico: US )
  • David Skinner (produttore esecutivo)
  • Menno van Wyk (co-produttore esecutivo)
  • George Wing (produttore esecutivo)


  • BC Smith

Trama del film:

When the call center he manages in Seattle is outsourced to India, Todd travels there to train his replacement. Housed in a new building that looks like an above-ground bunker, the call center is staffed by willing novices whom Todd trains to sound American. One star on the staff is Asha, who teaches Todd that he should learn about India, and proceeds to do just that. Written by Ron Kerrigan <[email protected]>

U.S.-based Western Novelty decides to outsource it's personnel to India and as a result a large number of employees are let go. Before he himself is let go, Todd Anderson is instructed to travel to Gharapuri to train Purohit to replace him. He travels there via Mumbai, and finds his name comically mispronounced as 'Toad'. He finds that he must sensitize himself to the Indian culture before he could even think of Americanizing Purohit and his subordinates. With the assistance of the new Assistant Manager, Asha Bhatwadekar, he inter alia sets about learning about Devi Maa Kali, Bhagwan Shri Shankar, reveling in Holi festivities, common lingo, the importance of cows, and eating at Mac Donnel's. And he soon finds that a new 'India' has been discovered for outsourcing, and what is meant by 'Holiday in Goa'. Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

Seattle-based 'Western Novelty' kitsch sales firm outsources its call center to Bombay. Grudginly, US manager Todd Anderson travels there to train the Indian staff so it can continue under local manager Purohit 'Puro' N. Virajnarianan, who needs the job to raise his dream bride's dowry. Todd fears the quota aren't feasible. Yet he's doing a good job, thanks to mutual cultural exchanges and the idea to target sales on the far larger Indian market. Todd even starts a romantic affair with Puro's ambitious deputy, but she's promised to an Indian. Written by KGF Vissers



1 Comment


    kzoofilm said

    February 23 2012 @ 01:11

    One of the happiest surprises of this year's Toronto International Film
    Festival was this delightful, beautifully shot comedy, which is not
    only funny and touching but actually offers a few insights into Indian
    culture as well. Josh Hamilton is terrific as Todd, an American
    businessman who is less than thrilled to learn his Seattle office is
    going to outsource its work to a call center in India. He's even more
    perturbed when his boss makes it clear that Todd will be in charge of
    training the Indian workers to efficiently handle orders while sounding
    as American as possible; that's important since the firm markets
    all-American knickknacks, such as miniature flags, hot dog toasters and
    Wisconsin cheese hats. The culture clash that results is beautifully
    played and wonderfully written. This has the potential to be another MY
    BIG FAT Greek WEDDING, if it's handled properly. I hope it is. I've
    been a big fan of Hamilton for years and he deserves a big hit.

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