Capodanno a New York (2011)

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Titolo originale: New Year's Eve–>
Genere: Commedia, Romantico–>
Durata: 118–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Garry Marshall

Scritto da:

  • Katherine Fugate


  • Richard Brener (regista)
  • Toby Emmerich (regista)
  • Heather Hall (co-produttore)
  • Mike Karz (regista)
  • Diana Pokorny (produttore esecutivo)
  • Wayne Allan Rice (regista)
  • Josie Rosen (regista)


  • John Debney

Trama del film:

Set during New Year's Eve in New York city, this movie follows several people and how the day affects them. Kim is a single mother who still thinks of her daughter, Hailey as a child who wants to go out with a boy so that she could kiss him at midnight. Claire, who is in charge of the city's annual tradition, the ball drop on Times Square. And when something goes wrong she has to ask an electrician, who was fired, to come and fix it. Laura, a chef who is cooking the New year's Eve party for a record company who runs into Jensen, her ex who's a singer whose performing at the party. While he tries to apologize for how things ended, she refuses to accept it. Ingrid, a woman who works at the record company, after having a near death experience decides to quit her job and asks a young messenger, Paul to help her fulfill her resolutions. And at a hospital, Stan, a man who is in the final stages of cancer, only wishes to see the ball drop. Also Griffin and Tess, a couple who are expecting, want to be the ones who give birth first after New Year because of the available cash prize; but another couple is also about to give birth. Randy a man who's not exactly fond of the holiday because of something that happened, finds himself trapped in an elevator with a singer who is one of Jensen's back up singers when he performs at Times Square. And Sam, son of the owner of the record company, who is out of town and is trying to get back to the city so that he could give a speech at the party, but when he has an accident and since it's a holiday, his car can't be fixed so he hitches a ride with some people going to the city. But it seems he has another reason why he needs to get back. Written by [email protected]



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    The Upcoming said

    February 23 2012 @ 10:26

    After his last holiday-themed box-office smash Valentine's Day in 2010,
    director Garry Marshall has carbon-copied the exact same formula for
    his latest film New Year's Eve which uses its gigantic ensemble cast to
    document various different relationships and states of emotions over
    the course of a single day and night in New York City.

    The story lines include: a couple awaiting the birth of their child,
    two people who become trapped together in an elevator and a gentleman
    who is trying to enjoy his last New Year's Eve on earth as he sadly
    lays on his deathbed.

    Much like Valentine's Day, Marshall's latest film seems to forget the
    importance of character development and indeed sure-footed narrative;
    these films feel like the audience are watching Ashton Kutcher flirt
    with Lea Michele, or Zac Efron helping Michelle Pfeiffer, which – in
    all honesty – they are. Never are viewers able to break away from the
    celebrities portraying these supposed characters, which cause great
    issues when trying to build and present emotion.

    The film also has some bizarre cast members, including the incredibly
    pointless Jon Bon Jovi who slinks about, and may as well be promoting a
    new Greatest Hits album when he enters the frame. Stars like Halle
    Berry and Robert De Niro are incredibly redundant here, even though
    they do benefit from moderate screen-time. Performers like De Niro are
    worthy of a solid script and something more important to do rather than
    just stand around holding a theoretical sign saying 'And Robert De

    Contrary to the opinion of the majority of critics (or males),
    'Valentine's Day' was yes fluffy, gooey and forgettable two hours, but
    also entertaining. It did try very slightly to be different – with a
    gay romance amongst other things – and whilst this was all still
    "Hollywood", there were far worse movies released in 2010.

    To be fair to 'New Year's Eve', it is not amongst the worst of the
    year. This might be due to the fact that most of the audience had or
    have extremely low expectations upon arrival. Expecting a film to be
    bad makes it all the less painful if the final product is indeed poor
    and consequently, makes it seem much better than it truly is if a
    viewer is not disappointed.

    'New Year's Eve' felt mechanical and forced, a project merely designed
    for profit – there is no love nor compassion, no credibility nor
    realism. This is rather a 118 minute tourist video about how wonderful
    The Big Apple is, and how beautiful the people who reside in it are.
    Throw in disgusting amounts of product placement and an old rock star,
    and hey, you've got a $100 million motion picture! Spend your £8 at the
    cinema this Christmas on a film that gives like 'Hugo' rather than
    this, and save the holiday romances for 'Love Actually' on DVD with the
    family or partner.

    Verdict: •• It is better if Marshall does not attempt to make another
    movie about a commercial holiday again. If we see a trailer with
    Kutcher dressed as the Easter Bunny for love next year, run for your

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