Meet the Robinsons (2007)

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Titolo originale: Meet the Robinsons–>
Genere: Animazione, Avventura, Commedia–>
Durata: 95–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Stephen J. Anderson

Scritto da:

  • Jon Bernstein (sceneggiatura)
  • Michelle Bochner (sceneggiatura – nel ruolo di Michelle Spitz)
  • Don Hall (sceneggiatura)
  • Nathan Greno (sceneggiatura)
  • Aurian Redson (sceneggiatura)
  • Joseph Mateo (sceneggiatura – nel ruolo di Joe Mateo)
  • Stephen J. Anderson (sceneggiatura – nel ruolo di Stephen Anderson)
  • William Joyce (book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson")
  • Robert L. Baird (additional story material)
  • Daniel Gerson (additional story material)
  • Shirley Pierce (additional story material)


  • Bill Borden (co-produttore)
  • William Joyce (produttore esecutivo)
  • Monica Lago-Kaytis (stereoscopic produttore associato)
  • John Lasseter (produttore esecutivo)
  • Dorothy McKim (regista)
  • Clark Spencer (produttore esecutivo)
  • David J. Steinberg (produttore associato)
  • Makul Wigert (produttore associato)


  • Danny Elfman

Trama del film:

Lewis an orphan wants to see what his mother looked like. So he invents a machine that looks through your brain so you can see your memories. But this weird kid says he's from the future and warns him about a guy in a bowler hat. The bowler hat guy messes with his invention and it fails. He decides that he's a failure and no one wants him. But the kid that warned him about the guy is here on a mission to find the bowler hat guy that wants to destroy Lewis. To prove he's from the future he takes lewis to the future. But the time machine breaks and he's stuck in the future until he fixes it. In the meantime he spends quality time with the family. But the bowler hat guy is about to alter time and it's up to Lewis to save the future. Written by Anonymous

When an orphaned child genius named Lewis has his science fair project ruined by forces from the future he must join with a strange boy who claims to be from the future to steal his invention back, fix it and save a new found family from a bleak future where mind control devices enslave the masses. Written by FMJ_Joker

Lewis, a 12-year-old genius is a boy who has no luck in being adopted because of his constant 'quest' to find his birth mother. When he is struck by an idea after being turned down by a family (for the 126th-literally-time), he invents a memory scanner, a device which scans your cerebral cortex to project your memories onto a screen. Whe this project goes awry at a science fair (really the work of the evil "Bowler Hat Guy" and his robotic hat, "Doris"), Lewis is discouraged. Then, he gets a visit from a boy named Wilbur, who takes him on a wild ride to the future, where he meets Wilbur's wacky family and gains the courage to "Keep Moving Forward." Written by Beccad90

When 12-year old orphan Lewis can't seem to get adopted or make his inventions work despite repeated efforts, he begins to seriously doubt himself and his abilities as an inventor. He sets off on a time-traveling journey to find the family he never knew. In the fantastical world of 2037, hip-hopping frogs and dogs that wear glasses are as common as talking dinosaurs. In an amazing twist, Lewis discovers that the fate of the future rests in his hands, but he can't save it alone he'll need every bit of help he can get from the wonderfully wacky family named the Robinsons, who help him learn to keep moving forward and never stop believing in himself. Written by Anthony Pereyra {[email protected]}



1 Comment


    cjd-16 said

    February 24 2012 @ 11:49

    The tagline of this movie is perfect… because it describes exactly
    what Meet the Robinsons means for the Disney Feature Animation
    studios… a step forward. Disney had been on a slide in the last few
    years… they were beginning to make cheap comedy movies with thin
    characters and story lines. I am happy to report that those days are

    Now, I'm sure many are wondering just what kind of influence John
    Lasseter has had on this film… and I can report that it is all
    positive. This movie could easily have been just as pointless as
    Chicken Little and The Wild… it could have been another thin
    comedy… but it wasn't. Here we finally have somewhat of a return to
    Disney's old style, where they make the audience laugh but also have a
    deep story with real-life problems and great characters. And I am happy
    to report that the humor is actually made with wit! There are no fart
    jokes, no potty humor, and the sidekick characters don't annoy the heck
    out of you.

    The first part of this movie, where we first see Lewis and Goob growing
    up at the orphanage, and then Lewis is whisked away to the future, is
    where all of my complaints lie. The beginning is very rushed, and does
    not give you a chance to really get to know Lewis or his feelings
    before he is whisked away into the future. And once he gets there,
    everything remains rushed. You meet the entire Robinson family in only
    about two minutes, and it's slightly overwhelming to have that much
    thrown at you. The opening of the future part is the part of the movie
    where you see what it COULD have been… a comedy that did nothing for
    you, and tried to overwhelm you with endless one-liners from wacky
    characters. But then the movie turns serious, the plot begins to
    unwind, and pace is much better. The characters become deeper and more
    realistic, their motivations and personalities shine through, and the
    storyline becomes absolutely fantastic. By the end of the movie, you
    really feel like you have been on an adventure. The main character
    shows hope, he develops and grows quite a bit through the course of the
    film, and there is a very uplifting message, from Walt Disney himself,
    to keep moving forward.

    So, overall, this is great family entertainment. The animation is quite
    good, much better than most other studios, but I don't think it's quite
    as great as some critics have made it out to be… maybe because I
    didn't get to see the 3-D version. But for me, it was the story that
    made the movie. Combine the great story, witty humor, and fun
    animation, and you have a movie that is definitely a step in the right
    direction for Disney. The motto could not be better placed… keep
    moving forward, and keep looking for better and better films from Walt
    Disney Pictures in the future.

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