Lemonade Mouth (2011)

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Titolo originale: Lemonade Mouth–>
Genere: Family, Musical–>
Durata: –>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Patricia Riggen

Scritto da:

  • April Blair (teleplay)
  • Mark Peter Hughes (romanzo)


  • Matias Alvarez (regista)
  • Debra Martin Chase (produttore esecutivo)
  • Gaylyn Fraiche (co-produttore)


  • Christopher Lennertz

Trama del film:

"Lemonade Mouth" tells kids and tweens that building your confidence rocks and finding your destiny rules. The story follows five disparate high school students – Olivia (Bridgit Mendler), Mo (Naomi Scott), Charlie (Blake Michael), Stella (Hayley Kiyoko), and Wen (Adam Hicks) who meet in detention. They realize they are destined to rock, and ultimately form a band that becomes a champion for students sidelined by the high school elite. Written by Ruby



1 Comment


    chocokitty11 said

    February 24 2012 @ 23:19

    So I was really bored one night so I decided to flip on the telly only
    to see that "Lemoade Mouth", a brand new Disney channel movie, was
    playing on Disney channel. In the past, I have seen both successful
    Disney channel films High School Musical and Camp Rock. These movies
    are cheesy, innocent, goofy, and predictable. However, they are exactly
    as they market themselves. Lemonade Mouth marketed itself to be a
    serious film, not a comedy musical. To me, the plot of this movie was
    completely recycled. It was basically a cross between The Breakfast
    Club and Bandslam, and not as good as either (which is really saying
    something since Bandslam was not very good.)The acting was bland, but
    not horrible. Many of the scenes where very awkward. The music was
    terrible. It was very blah bubble gum pop with some of the worst
    rapping I may have ever heard. I found it hard to believe that a punk
    rock dressing activist like Stella would play this kind of music. But
    that's not what bothered me most about this movie. What bothered me
    most was how hard this movie tried to be relatable. The movie got so in
    depth with each of the character's background, yet I didn't feel like I
    could identify with any of these kids because they don't act like kids.
    Real teenagers swear and talk about PG13 rated stuff. I don't think
    there was even a kiss in this movie. Now I am aware that Disney does
    have to keep it's movies to a PG level, but I think they should start
    making movies more about their target audience, 10 and 11 year olds. I
    don't think anyone had a high school experience like the kids in
    Lemonade Mouth.

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