Ice Princess (2005)

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Titolo originale: Ice Princess–>
Genere: Commedia, Drammatico, Family–>
Durata: 98–>
Nazione: USA, Canada–>

  • Tim Fywell

Scritto da:

  • Meg Cabot (storia)
  • Hadley Davis (storia)
  • Hadley Davis (sceneggiatura)


  • David Blackman (produttore associato)
  • Kristin Burr (produttore esecutivo)
  • Richard Cowan (produttore associato)
  • Karen Glass (produttore esecutivo)
  • Bridget Johnson (regista)
  • William W. Wilson III (produttore esecutivo)


  • Christophe Beck

Trama del film:

17-year-old physics whiz Casey Carlyle is urged by her physics teacher to work on a physics project over the summer for presentation to Harvard. As a skater, Casey decides on a project that shows the elements of physics applied in competitive figure skating. To start, she visits a skating club run by former professional skater Tina Harwood. Casey eventually finds that in order to better understand the principles she's using, she will have to become her own test subject, and joins the skating school. The more she gets involved, the more she falls in love with figure skating….and must ultimately make a choice; Will it be Harvard – which her mother and Casey have both dreamed of, or will it be her new dream – as a competitive figure skater? Written by Derek O'Cain

A high-school bookworm transforms into a swan. Brainy Casey Carlyle has never quite fit in. Caught between her fantasy of becoming a championship figure skater and her strong-willed mother, who has her on the fast track to Harvard, she can only hope to be like Nikki, Tiffany and Gen–three elite skating prodigies who are ruthlessly competing on the US National circuit (and have attitudes to match). But when Casey gets the chance to train with Gen and her coach, a disgraced former skating champion who also happens to be Gen's mother, she must dash her own mother's hopes in order to pursue her dream. Now, with only the support of Gen's teenage brother, a hunky Zamboni driver, Casey takes on the challenge of her life when she finds herself competing against the best to make it into the championship circuit and become a real "ice princess." Written by Anonymous



1 Comment


    gradyharp said

    February 24 2012 @ 14:45

    ICE PRINCESS is not the kind of movie to which this reviewer is usually
    attracted – the trappings indicate that we are in for a happy-wappy,
    sterilized, PG, Disney candy box. But, surprise!, here is a film that
    is better than its package. Writers Meg Cabot and Hadley Davis have
    combined the sport of ice skating with the drama of teenage angst and
    come up with a credible tale of a ‘science geek’ discovering her talent
    and following her dream of figure skating.

    Director Tim Fywell knows his way around the ice rink and the halls and
    lockers of high school kids and his preparation for the film is
    apparent. Casey (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a fine student who is
    encouraged by her physics professor to find a project that incorporates
    her personality along with physics that will assist her in gaining a
    scholarship to Harvard. Casey’s mother (Joan Cusack) is a pragmatist, a
    schoolteacher who wants Casey to succeed beyond the mother’s status.
    Casey loves to skate on their home pond, but one day happens into a
    private skating rink class owned by one-time star skater Tina (Kim
    Cattrall), a place where Tina relentlessly drives her daughter Gen
    (Hayden Panettiere) toward winning prizes. Tina’s son Teddy (Trevor
    Blumas – a much underused handsome actor) is always around to keep the
    ice surfaces smooth with his machine.

    Casey observes the brilliance of fine skating, thinks of a way to
    analyze moves on her computer that will diagnose aerodynamic physics
    aspects of skating, and once that is perfected, and she is able to aid
    the skaters with her scientific knowledge, she personalizes her
    theories. Before long has won a place along with the other aspiring
    skaters. She encounters resistance from her mother, encouragement from
    Tina, and friendship from Gen and her fellow skaters as well as the eye
    of Teddy! When Casey has her Harvard interview, she admits that her
    real love is for skating, not physics, and commits to pursuing that
    love full time. The rest is predictable: all’s well that end’s well.

    What sets this little film apart is the quality of acting from
    Trachtenberg, Cattrall, Cusack and Blumas: they create characters about
    whom we care. The skating is fun to watch, and the ‘sitting in the
    bleachers rooting for the good guys’ feeling is refreshing. This is not
    a great film but certainly one of the best of this genre. It is most
    definitely a ‘feel good’ popcorn movie! Grady Harp

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