Hotel Chevalier (2007)

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Titolo originale: Hotel Chevalier–>
Genere: Cortometraggio, Drammatico, Music–>
Durata: 13–>
Nazione: USA, France–>

  • Wes Anderson

Scritto da:

  • Wes Anderson


  • Alice Bamford (co-produttore)
  • Thierry Bettas-Bégalin (produttore tecnico – nel ruolo di Thierry Bettas-Begalin)
  • Pierre Cléaud (produttore associato – nel ruolo di Pierre Cleaud)
  • Patrice Haddad (regista: in association with )
  • Jerome Rucki (produttore esecutivo)
  • Nicolas Saada (produttore esecutivo)

Trama del film:

Grief? Depression? Ambiguity in a Paris hotel room. Jack Whitman lies on a bed, ordering a grilled cheese sandwich from room service. His phone rings; it's a woman on her way to see him, a surprise. He readies the room, moving without affect, drawing a bath, changing his clothes. She arrives, as does the food, and the complications of their relationship emerge in bits and pieces. He invites her out on the balcony to see his view. Will they make love? Is the relationship over? Written by <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    eugenecroc said

    February 23 2012 @ 20:25

    Really a beautiful short piece of enticement, with tone and sight and
    sound and dialogue all letting you know that there's a story here,
    while only hinting at the many things that story might be. And it
    captures a particular feel that lets you in on the situation kind of
    like a good short story in a book does.

    The way the whole thing looks, and the way the action comes across, are
    pure Wes Anderson at his best. Deadpan. Melancholy. Hurtfully

    You know they say there used to be shorts before all the movies when
    you saw 'em in the theatre. Now we get a string of commercials bigger,
    louder, and stupider than on TV. It would be so cool if more top notch
    film-makers like these made more stuff like this. Viva Short Film.

    And Thank You Especially, Miss Portman, for getting behind in your

    Your talent and beauty are in a neck and neck race for first place in
    many hearts like my own.

    I'll be there for "Darjeeling Ltd" the day it opens.

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