Gnomeo & Giulietta (2011)

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Titolo originale: Gnomeo & Juliet–>
Genere: Animazione, Avventura, Commedia–>
Durata: 84–>
Nazione: UK, USA–>

  • Kelly Asbury

Scritto da:

  • Rob Sprackling (storia)
  • John R. Smith (storia)
  • Andy Riley (storia)
  • Kevin Cecil (storia)
  • Kelly Asbury (storia)
  • Steve Hamilton Shaw (storia)
  • Andy Riley (sceneggiatura)
  • Kevin Cecil (sceneggiatura)
  • Mark Burton (sceneggiatura)
  • Emily Cook (sceneggiatura)
  • Kathy Greenberg (sceneggiatura)
  • Steve Hamilton Shaw (sceneggiatura)
  • Kelly Asbury (sceneggiatura)
  • Rob Sprackling (original sceneggiatura)
  • John R. Smith (original sceneggiatura)
  • William Shakespeare (play)


  • Baker Bloodworth (regista)
  • David Furnish (regista)
  • Elton John (produttore esecutivo)
  • Igor Khait (co-produttore)
  • Kara Lord (produttore associato)
  • Steve Hamilton Shaw (regista)
  • David J. Steinberg (head of studio: Starz Animazione )


  • Chris Bacon
  • James Newton Howard
  • Elton John

Trama del film:

Garden gnomes Gnomeo (voice of McAvoy) and Juliet (voice of Blunt) have as many obstacles to overcome as their quasi namesakes when they are caught up in a feud between neighbors. But with plastic pink flamingos and lawnmower races in the mix, can this young couple find lasting happiness? Written by Walt Disney Pictures



1 Comment


    Pascal Zinken (LazySod) said

    February 23 2012 @ 01:07

    In the beautiful British town of Stratford-Upon-Avon there's a street
    where the owners of two neighbouring houses have no idea of the rich
    lives being led in their backyards. In these backyards there are two
    groups of garden gnomes – one garden is ruled by the blue hatted
    variety, the other is ruled by the red hatted variety. An age old feud
    – of which the reason has long since been forgotten – is keeping them
    apart, but unexpected events might just be enough to get them back
    together again.

    Loosely based on the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo And Juliet this
    animation film keeps the middle line between tragicomedy and romance.
    Like many animation films being made these last years it combines fun
    things for kids with fun things for adults – without hurting either
    group (the innuendo that is fun for adults is not seen by kids whose
    innocence protects them from it, the deviation from the original tales
    to make it fun for kids is not so warped that it makes it
    unrecognisable for them parents).

    The animation is great – the gnomes and the gardens are just lovely to
    watch. The setting with gnomes is flawless – the sounds, the
    implications of being a garden gnome – it works out really well.

    If there would be one bit of negativity for this film it is that its
    trailer is a bit too biased towards an audience that wants to see
    romance instead of a bit of light comedy.

    8 out of 10 midsummer night's dreams

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