Ghost Whisperer (2010)

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Titolo originale: Ghost Whisperer–>
Genere: Drammatico, Fantasy–>
Durata: 60–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Ian Sander
  • Eric Laneuville
  • John Gray
  • Peter Werner
  • Gloria Muzio
  • Fred Toye
  • Kim Moses
  • James Frawley
  • Peter O'Fallon
  • James Chressanthis
  • Steven Robman
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Joanna Kerns
  • Mark Rosman
  • John Behring
  • Jefery Levy

Scritto da:–>
Trama del film:

Melinda Gordon inherited her "gift" – the ability to see and talk with the spirits of dead people – from, and was coached in its use by her grandmother. Running an antique store in a small town, newly married to a paramedic, Melinda helps the ghosts wandering around who are trapped between worlds by helping them to resolve unfulfilled aspects of their former life. Written by Ron Kerrigan <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    Tigger_Trouble501 said

    February 23 2012 @ 19:15

    Ghost Whisperer is an amazing show! To me, this is one of my favorite
    shows, along with CSI. Each episode is really good and it keeps me on
    the edge of my seat before each commercial, it leaves me wondering what
    it going to happen when the commericals are over. They are awesome and
    Jennifer is perfect for the role of Melinda. The plot of the show is
    really cool, because it's about someone that can talk to the dead, and
    most of us wish that we could talk to the dead, this show is awesome
    and there is no other way to describe it. If you love CSI and shows
    like that, then you'll love this show too!! I can't wait until Friday
    nights to sit down and put the fireplace on and watch ghost whisperer.

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