Electric Dragon 80.000 V (2001)

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Titolo originale: Electric Dragon 80.000 V–>
Genere: Drammatico, Fantasy, Fantascienza–>
Durata: 55–>
Nazione: Japan–>

  • Gakuryu Ishii

Scritto da:

  • Gakuryu Ishii ((as Sogo Ishii)


  • Takenori Sentô (regista)


  • Hiroyuki Onogawa

Trama del film:

A young boy gets jolted with electricity as he's climbing a tall cable pylon. As he gets older, he experiences intense fits of violence in which bolts of electricity burt from his fists. Elsewhere in Tokyo, there is an electronics wizard who also happens to be a vigilante with a taste for electric weapons. When the pair catch each other's attention, the result is a battle that will light up the city. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>



1 Comment


    SupaChupacabra said

    February 27 2012 @ 19:16

    This movie is silly, and seems rushed at times, but it was made in a
    week what the hell do you want? The soundtrack rocks, as the leads
    formed a band with the director, and did the graphics… the closing
    credits I think are the best I’ve ever seen in any movie. Phenomenal.
    With vague references to technology and information, it’s plot is
    mostly just "lizard part of brain activated by electric jolt" and "2
    electric enemy fight" … crazy stoopid violence and electricity! The
    DIY ethos of the group pretty much seals it as a punkrock endeavor,
    less a cyber one. Excellent photography, acting, and tight, quick
    storyline… efficient, entertaining, inspirational.

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