Dead Set (2008)

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Titolo originale: Dead Set–>
Genere: Commedia, Drammatico, Horror–>
Durata: 141–>
Nazione: UK–>

  • Yann Demange

Scritto da:–>
Trama del film:

It's eviction night at the Big Brother house, but something very strange is happening; the dead are coming alive and attacking the living. When zombies attack all of the audience outside, the Big Brother contestants are unaware of the death outside the fan-proof (and zombie-proof) big brother house until the show's runner, Kelly, comes into the house and warns them of the doom outside. Stuck with even less contact with the outside world, the house-mates must sneak out of the house to get supplies, without being seen by the zombies. Written by Jake



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    sharkattack1978 said

    February 24 2012 @ 16:42

    I thought that there would never be a zombie epic to beat or even
    overshadow George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (apart from Shaun of the
    Dead) and now FINALLY I think we in Britain have finally got a film/TV
    movie/ mini series that does rival that. Dead set is a horror set
    around the Big Brother phenomenon and a terrifying real zombie
    apocalypse. The general public and the house-mates even the crew of Big
    Brother become unknowingly involved in a vicious fight for survival as
    the dead start eating the entire British population one chunk at a
    time. I truly loved this, I love zombie movies (yes even the crap and
    extremely cheesy ones too) and this was the best millennium zombie
    based survival horror I have ever seen. As far as I was concerned the
    remake of Dawn of the Dead, remake of Day of the Dead, the new 3D
    version of Night of the living dead and every other 'poser' zombie
    movie out there nowadays that doesn't fulfil the code of the zombie
    horror movie i.e. intense scenes and graphic gore, Dead set fulfils on
    all levels. Firstly the acting is great from Andy Nyman (severance) as
    the totally obnoxious producer of Big Brother Patrick to Jamie Winstone
    as the poor floor runner Kelly forced to become the heroine in charge
    of the survival of the house-mates of the Big Brother house. There's
    even past BB housemates who star in cameos at the start of the series
    and some even become zombies later but you'll have to watch it to find
    out who becomes one and who becomes zombie brunch. Next I'll move to
    the gore. Don't think that just cause this was a made for TV movie that
    they skimp on the gore because they don't. I was very surprised by the
    gore and bloody carnage that they were allowed to put on the small
    screen. E4 have definitely pulled out their balls and had the guts (no
    pun intended) to show this movie he way we'd expect it to be seen in
    all its gutsy glory (again no pun intended.) Some of the effects rival
    that of Tom Savini's groundbreaking and very gruesome special FX on the
    original George A. Romero's Day of the Dead. I was in awe by what they
    were allowed to show on the screen and thank god they did. Next the
    social commentary that George included in Dawn is re-invented and used
    in Dead Set. How the characters talk about the zombies and how the
    zombies watch the revealing show via TV sets that they walk around
    finding their next meal and what society is reduced to. Lastly the
    zombies in this are genuinely chilling, they look menacing and vicious
    even at times somewhat evil and very ravenous… and I mean ravenous for
    human flesh (take note Resident Evil Trilogy) Yes even for the first
    time I can even pass the fact that these zombies can run and pretty
    damn fast. Just like the zombies from Dawn of the Dead remake, Day of
    the dead remake and 28 days/weeks later these will tear after you if
    you are seen and that is scary but although they can do that the slow
    style of zombie i.e. Romero's zombies are much more frightening than
    the fast future style zombies of today. The dark overtone of the story
    adds an air of dread to the atmospheric tension and terror that Dead
    Set has deep in the underbelly of Charlie Brooker's well thought out
    script. Britain proves that what Hollywood can do, with a bit of
    careful structure and preparation the UK can do it better. We did it
    with Shaun of the Dead which was a global hit and I believe that we can
    easily do it again with Dead Set when it finally reaches USA shores
    soon. The climax genuinely had made both thrilled, chilled and scared
    and not many horrors can do that with me.

    Dead Set is a thrilling gory"shoot me again I ain't dead yet" exciting
    piece of UK style horror and should be seen to be believed.

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