Comet in Moominland (1992)

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Titolo originale: Comet in Moominland–>
Genere: Animazione, Avventura, Family–>
Durata: 70–>
Nazione: Japan, Netherlands–>

  • Hiroshi Saitô

Scritto da:

  • Lars Jansson (storia)
  • Tove Jansson (novel "Kometjakten")
  • Dennis Livson (storia)
  • Akira Miyazaki (sceneggiatura)


  • Dennis Livson (regista)


  • Pierre Kartner

Trama del film:

A philosopher predicting disaster, black rain and rumour of a threat from space take Moomin and his two friends Little My and Sniff on an adventure to find out what is coming their way. The trio heads toward an observatory found on the Lonely Mountains. On their way up the mountain they meet Snufkin, a wise and lonely wanderer, who knows about the coming disaster: it's a comet, that could hit wherever, even here! Now lead by Snufkin, the expedition arrives at the observatory and learn that the calculated time is in two days! The four have two days to hurry back to Moomindale to warn everyone and to escape into a cave near the sea – and to find the sweet owner of a golden anklet Moomin found in the mountains. More and more interesting characters join our adventurers: the inventor Snork, his sister Snork Maiden and the stamp collecting Hemulen. Not forgetting the giant octopus, the Snork eating plant and the lizard guarding a ravine full of amethysts, the journey turns into a real adventure! Written by Little My



1 Comment


    LillaMy said

    February 27 2012 @ 18:42

    This film is one of the sweetest ones on earth. The world and ideology
    that Tove Jansson created and called Moomindale, are something adults
    can also think about. If you are fed up with the invariable animations
    for children, where every once in a while there is a big fight and all
    you see is a dust cloud, Moomins are something definitely different. A
    worn-out cliché is to introduce a new villain now and again to make the
    film move on, and fortunately this Tove doesn’t fall into that trap of
    clichés. One might think, that a story cannot work with only nice and
    lenient characters, that are not strong enough, but that is totally
    wrong. That is the magic of Tove: she has strengthened the characters
    by positive attributes. Only a few writers can do that successfully.

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