Charlie Bartlett (2007)

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Titolo originale: Charlie Bartlett–>
Genere: Commedia, Drammatico–>
Durata: 97–>
Nazione: USA–>

  • Jon Poll

Scritto da:

  • Gustin Nash


  • Joseph Boccia (produttore tecnico: additional photography – nel ruolo di Joe Boccia)
  • Whitney Brown (produttore tecnico)
  • Trish Hofmann (produttore esecutivo)
  • William Horberg (produttore esecutivo)
  • Barron Kidd (regista)
  • Sidney Kimmel (regista)
  • Steve Longi (co-produttore)
  • Gustin Nash (co-produttore)
  • Jennifer Perini (produttore esecutivo)
  • David Permut (regista)
  • Jay Roach (regista)
  • Bruce Toll (produttore esecutivo)
  • Karen Gehres (field regista (accreditato)


  • Christophe Beck

Trama del film:

Although cheerful, friendly, well-dressed, and authentic, Charlie Bartlett has problems: his father is gone, his mother is loopy and clueless, he's been expelled from private schools for victimless crimes, he's getting punched out daily at his new school, the local public high – and, he longs to be popular. He makes peace with his tormentor by going into business with him: listening to kids' problems and selling them prescription drugs. Charlie's attracted to Susan, the daughter of the school's laissez-faire principal. New security cameras on campus, a student's overdose, and Charlie's open world view get him in serious trouble. Can the physician heal himself and just be a kid? Written by <[email protected]>

Wealthy teenager Charlie Bartlett is failing miserably at fitting in at a new public high school run by the world-weary Principal Gardner. As he begins to better understand the social hierarchy, Charlie's honest charm and likability positions him as the resident "psychiatrist" dishing out advice, and the occasional prescription with his partner and fellow student, Murphy Bivens, to other students in need. Along the way, he decides to take some of his own advice, find romance, and learn to accept who he is, thus wielding a witty dark comedy about the angst-filled years before college. Written by Anonymous



1 Comment


    jhsteel said

    February 23 2012 @ 19:51

    I began watching this thinking "I'm about 30 years too old to
    appreciate this" because it seemed to be pitched at a teenage audience,
    but after a while I was taken by the unfolding events and drawn in to
    the believable human story underneath it all. The great performances of
    Robert Downey Jr and Anton Yelchin convinced me that the Principal of a
    school and a troubled student could end up helping each other and
    overcome the predictable high school conventions. It was surprising and
    satisfying, and the outcomes for many of the characters were positive
    in a not-unbelievable way. I understand why some people would see the
    likeness to Rushmore, but for me that was a uniquely brilliant Wes
    Anderson creation that can't be touched by films with apparently
    similar plots. Charlie Bartlett is worth seeing for its own sake and it
    is a rewarding experience. Anyone who has been a teenager should
    appreciate it and fans of Robert Downey Jr will also get the bonus of
    his character opening up about a history of drug abuse that seems to
    come from the heart of this wonderful actor.

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